Not sure why no one of thought of this long ago. Who doesn’t want a restaurant deal? Savored uses a Priceline-like model for restaurants, matching hungry diners to empty tables nearby. That way, the restaurant-goers get cheaper eats, and the restaurants themselves win with fewer open tables.

The user interface works simply and effectively. Sign-up with a new Savored user ID and password or sign-in with existing credentials. Then choose your city from a list of 10 major U.S. cities coast to coast including the likes of New York City, Chicago, Denver and San Francisco. As you might expect the bigger the city, the more options you get. Browsing NYC, for example, offered many more deals than my home town of Boston. The savings seem to range from 15 percent right up to a whopping 40 percent, which brings even an expensive restaurant to almost reasonable range. The reservations are very specific. You might save 40 percent off at a particularly light day/time (say Mondays at 6 p.m.), but less during other busier days of the week. It’s easy to specify the day and time that suits you, just be sure to enter the number of people in your party.

The app also lets you browse the details of the restaurants you don’t know including the menu, location info with directions if you need them, even a great “why we love it” editorial comment from Savored that tells you what’s cool about the place with appetizer and entrée suggestions. If the restaurant has a Zagat rating, you’ll see it in the listing as well. Terms and conditions might specify that a gratuity (I saw 18 percent in some cases) will be added to your pre-discounted bill.

Overall, the app certainly delivers good deals in nice restaurants. I will try it next time I’m out and hungry.

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