My in-laws were just over at my house this weekend for Mother’s Day and we happened to get on the subject of old high school photos. I whipped out my box full of photos that was in no way organized, and my mother-in-law made a comment (I’ll let you imagine what the comment was). Had I known about the free ShoeBox app for Android sooner, I wouldn’t have had to bear the scolding I received via one glance about my disorganization (okay, well I guess I gave it away).

So basically this savvy photography app makes it super easy for you to scan in old photos you have laying around the house—say inside, maybe, some old shoeboxes. Aptly named app, yes? Once you take a digital image of your paper photo, the app helps you crop it with amazing edge detection. Although the edge detection didn’t always work perfectly for me, it was easy to instead crop photos by dragging the edges to where I wanted them.

You can create a new album on your phone to organize photos and/or upload straight to Facebook for all your friends and family to enjoy. For newer photos, the scan quality isn’t the best of the best. But for older photos, it works just fine. Older photos have a distinct color quality to them that you just can’t get anymore with this newfangled technology. Everything is just so crisp and clear these days!

The app gives you free storage for an unlimited amount of photos. So if you have some old photos laying around that you want to share, start scanning them now with the ShoeBox app for Android.

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