The Satellite Flybys app for your Android phone is an easy way to find out which satellites will be passing overhead, and exactly when they will do so. It’s basically to satellites what popular app Google Sky map is to stars.

Satellite Flybys works by finding your location using the phone’s GPS, and then corresponding that information with where satellites, like the International Space Station, will be in the sky.

When you first open the app, there’s a list of satellites by name. If you’re not an expert on satellites, you might need to do a little research outside of this app to learn more about each particular satellite’s purpose and nationality. It always helps to know what you’re looking at.

Select a satellite from the list, and you can learn a few of the more general details, like its position in the sky and when it should be approaching your city. There’s also a photo and description of each currently active satellite. From here, you can set reminders to let you know when the satellite can be seen from where you’re standing.

It should be noted that a lot of these things, like the ISS, can be seen without the help of powerful binoculars or a telescope, but others might require a little extra help. You might need to do a little Googling to learn which ones will require it. Either way, this app provides the potential for a romantic, family fun-filled and/or educational experience under the night sky.