Samsung isn’t the only manufacturer to see success from Android handset sales, as Motorola (MOT) made a massive comeback this year with its Droid lineup. It, too, created a family of phones that differentiated for each partner carrier, and even went so far as to offer niche devices for groups like Star Wars fans.

Browser beat downs

While handset makers are finding ample opportunities creating phones for Android, browser developers are cashing in on the platform as well. The Opera Mobile 10.1 browser became available today, with several familiar desktop features being ported to the mobile experience. You get speed dial shortcuts, visual tabs for easier navigation, a password manager and “turbo mode” for optimal mobile use.

The turbo mode is a particularly interesting feature, being a necessity for most mobile users. It compresses images and other graphical elements by up to 80 percent using Opera’s servers, minimizing your load time. Firefox, which released an update to its Android beta browser last week, included speed-boosting upgrades as well. The heightened mobile browser wars speak to the growing importance of online access, as it pertains to smartphones and tablets for the millions of devices sold.