Sprinkle. The promo began Dec. 13 and runs a full two months, so you have plenty of time to take advantage of Samsung’s holiday cheer.

Sony’s tablet-console love connection

Sony is also committed to the Android gaming community with a firmware update for the Tablet S, allowing users to play games on the system with the PS3’s DualShock 3 wireless controllers. The update is the latest in a string of improvements from Sony, currently in the process of unifying its game experience across mobile and console devices. You’ll recall that Sony recently bought out its mobile joint venture partner Ericsson, a move that centralizes device and service efforts, including the Xperia PLAY platform for a rapid mobile roll-out.

Older gamers spend most cash on mobile games

As more game networks head to Android, more opportunities to make money from mobile gaming crop up. And you wouldn’t believe who’s spending the most money on virtual goods: your parents. Seventy percent of players 45 and older spent money on virtual goods compared to less than 10 percent of gamers aged 18-25, and 22 percent of the most active gaming group, aged 25-35. Interestingly enough, older gamers also spend the least amount of time playing games (23.6 million collective minutes versus 25-35 year-olds’ 67.9 million). These findings come from MocoSpace’s game network, surveying nearly 500,000 of its reported 22 million members. MocoSpace didn’t offer any guesses as to why older gamers are spending more money in less time, but I figure they have more disposable income than their younger counterparts, and less time to waste circumventing in-game purchasing prompts.