Rumpus is intended to be a music database app, I think. You can look up an artist, and you’ll find an artist page with sections for albums, videos, pictures, biographies, and so on. Unfortunately, the whole thing is very poorly organized. Take, for example, the album pages: When you select albums on an artist’s page, you will see a page showing one album with its track listing, with a place allowing you to buy the songs. If you want to look at a different album, you must swipe left or right, which is silly. It should have a list of albums from which you can select the one you want, rather than forcing you to swipe until you find what you’re looking for. Also, the track listing for the albums is usually out of order. How hard is it to get the track order right?

And then there’s videos. You’d think this page would be for music videos, but more often than not you’ll find YouTube lyrics videos. That’s fine if you just want to listen to the song for free, but it’s not like it’s hard to find those in the YouTube app. This page is clearly populated by a computer, as the app does a search for videos with an artist’s name in the title rather than have a real person pull real music videos. Again, this section is poorly organized, as you have to swipe through the videos to find the one you want.

I’m hard pressed to find a reason for you to put Rumpus, a free app, on your smartphone. If you want to make it easy for you to find a YouTube lyrics video for a particular artist, I guess it’s useful, but otherwise it just seems like a pretty amusing app you can make fun of.