Reports claim that Samsung is planning some new entries into the Android market in May, starting with a new tablet and extending to a cloud-based service called “S-cloud” to compete with Apple’s iCloud offering.

According to a report from CNET Asia, Samsung is planning a new entry into its Galaxy Tab line that will show up next month during an announcement event, alongside its new Galaxy S line of smartphones. CNET cites an unnamed source “familiar with the matter,” noting that the new tablet will be an update of the Galaxy Tab 10.1, Samsung’s Android entry geared to compete on the most even terms with Apple’s iPad.

But what’s interesting is that this is not the Galaxy Tab 2 10.1, which is rumored to be the next true update to the 10.1 line of Galaxy Tabs and is going to include a quad-core processor. Instead, this new 10.1-inch tablet will have a dual-core processor, like the Tegra-2 processor the Galaxy Tab 10.1 currently carries. So what will be different about this new tablet isn’t yet clear.

If the rumors are true, the addition of another tablet to Samsung’s lineup could potentially be pretty interesting. That’s partially because, at this point, Samsung seems to have quite a few tablets either out on the market or potentially in the works. There are already the Galaxy Tab 10.1 and smaller, 7-inch Galaxy Tab 7 Android tablets. Add in the Galaxy Tab 2 10.1 and this new rumored tab and that’s quite a few devices in an already crowded space.

Samsung has previously admitted that it’s not doing so well in the tablet market, although the Galaxy Tab 10.1 is probably among the closest Android alternatives to Apple’s iPad. But it doesn’t seem to be faring as well as, say, Amazon with its 7-inch, $199 Kindle Fire tablet. Further hampering Samsung are the on-going patent battles it’s fighting with Apple all over the world over the design of devices in the Galaxy Tab line.

A potential new tablet isn’t the only thing Samsung seems to have going on right now, though. There’s also the rumor coming from The Verge that Samsung is also going to announce a cloud service similar to Apple’s iCloud on May 3.

There aren’t too many details on the service just yet, but Maeil Business reports that Samsung won’t be limiting the types of content that can be uploaded to its cloud storage, unlike iCloud’s service. The expectation, The Verge says, is that we can also expect S-cloud to ship with “access to popular TV shows, movies, and music with free and paid content that will be available across a range of Samsung devices….” As for storage size, rumor has it that it will be greater than 5 gigabytes, but there are no details as to whether users will have to pay for that storage.

S-cloud could further make Samsung’s devices extremely enticing for Android users, given that Samsung makes Android smartphones as well as tablets, plus TVs and other devices that would also be covered in the service. In the same way that Apple makes its iPhones, iPod Touches and iPads interact with each other through iCloud, Samsung may well soon have a suite of all kinds of devices that can share content. That’s another step toward keeping the company in stride to provide a great alternative to Apple products.

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