As with most simulation games, you start off with very little here. Your tutorial will take you through the basic gameplay mechanics, such as planting objects, and then the park is yours to do with it what you will. At first you’re limited to a merry-go-round, burger bar, and, more essentially, toilets. Yet hidden alongside these are all of the unlockable items, of which there are many. To receive these items you need to open as many packs of cards as possible. Whichever item is on the card you flip, you get to position in whichever area of the park you wish. However, in order to do this, you need a certain number of coins. At first you’ll have these in abundance, as your tutorial will provide you with enough to get started. Yet the only way to get them after is either by waiting for your areas to reward you with some, or by purchasing them with real money. If you choose the former, you may be waiting some time until the rewards start popping up, and even then the number of coins is dependent on how expensive the attraction was initially.

Which items you pick and where you place them are essential to the game. On the top of the screen are numbers indicating how many visitors your park has, and a percentage of how content they are with the park’s amusement, food, and hygiene. If you make your park too fun initially, then the lack of burger bars and ice cream shops will make your visitors too hungry. Don’t forget to provide several toilets either, the reason for which we won’t go in to. To make things easier, a speech bubble often appears above visitors’ heads, with comments ranging from the food being great to there being a lack of rides. This helps you to keep things in order, and makes it easier to ensure you have satisfied customers.

The game is bright, colourful, and very easy to navigate around. The initial tutorial will every tool, but the layout isn’t difficult to explore and work out anyway. This is helpful, considering that the more items you place, the more congested your screen will become. Easy access to everything you need in the game goes a long way to making it simpler to pick up and play.

RollerCoast Tycoon Touch will have you playing for hours at a time, striving for the next unlock to improve your theme park

With missions and challenges which provide you with more in-game currency, achievements, and the ability to play with friends via social media, RollerCoast Tycoon Touch will have you playing for hours at a time, striving for the next unlock to improve your theme park – it’s just a question of how much you can fit in to the limited space. As far as simulators go, this is one of the best apps on the market.

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