If you are a fast-talking road warrior, you’ll love the free Start Talking app for Android. This communication app reads text messages to you while on the go, and allows you to respond to incoming texts, and even post to Twitter and Facebook without touching or looking at your phone. This app sounds too good to be true, right?

I was skeptical. After all, why would something that offers such a fabulous service be free? Well, as soon as you log in, you’ll find that it’s only free right now – read the fine print. You might have to start paying in the future.

The app walks you through a series of setup steps, including selecting the contacts in your phone to enable it to work with the app. Then, you can watch a short video that explains how to use the communication app in more detail. There are videos to explain the commands used with Start Talking, as well as how to post to your Facebook wall and update your Twitter status, all without touching or looking at your Android phone.

You simply start the app, and then speak a command, such as “Operator, what time is it?” And then, the operator will tell you. Or ask the operator to send a text message to one of your enabled contacts. Or even say, “Operator, Facebook post.”  Then you tell the operator what to post on your Facebook wall.

Overall, this app is perfect for commuters and business people who spend a lot of time in their car. Get a car dock or visor mount to make using this app even more remarkable.