Ringdroid was created back in 2008 and honestly it has not changed much since then – but this is rather a good thing, since it is a great app from the beginning. The app was last updated a year ago and unfortunately this version is not working on all phone properly. If you are facing problems, you can still install an earlier version.  Once you install this app, it opens up right to a list of all your songs. You can either scroll through them in alphabetical order by song title, or you can search for the specific song by sliding out your phone and typing in the song name. If you carry a lot of music on your phone you’ll want to figure out which song you want to make into a ringtone before opening this app.

After you decide on a song (what about a Star Wars ringtone?), select it to enter the ringtone editor. Here you’ll have two sliders that you can drag to wherever you want in the song. These can be expanded or contracted as much as you like, making it very easy to create both a ringtone and a notification. If you need to skip to further in the song, use the zoom out button to get there.

To get things nice and precise, you can actually select the slider and use the trackball to line it up. After you’re done, you can save the sound and assign it to a specific category. The app will even let you make it your new sound for that category. It is basically an easy to us mp3/mp4/ogg editor – cut being the most important function – which saves the edited music in m4a (default ringtone format) or wav format, which can be directly used as a ringtone. The app also allows creating ringtones using the built-in microphone of your mobile, if you like your own voice as a ringtone.

This is a must have app for the Android platform so definitely download it today. Please be aware that the latest version is only compatible with Android 4.1+, if you have an older Android version or something is not working as expected, downloading an earlier version of Ringdroid is recommended.