First, let’s talk about the cheerleaders. The conservative football teams from up north might not lead with the cheerleading squad, but this app’s first tab goes in deep with cheesecake photos and video of Amber, Brittany, Kayla, the two pairs of twins – Dresdynn and Schuler and Michelle and Rachel – and many others. These girls frequently wear swimsuits, often pose for photo shoots on the beach, and occasionally root for the Texans. I love this team already and I’m from Boston.

If you’re interested in the team itself, browse the detailed game schedule (with scoring summaries per quarter and a list of highlighted players and their accomplishments from each game). You can see the updated standings for the AFC and NFC, the complete roster of coaches and players, team news, photos and video. There’s also overall scores and broadcast times of games across the NFL, and a Fan Zone of the Texan’s official Twitter feed, the team’s Facebook posts, and blogs from insiders.

The only bummer is, since Verizon Mobile created and released the app to the Android Market, the app limits video streaming to Verizon subscribers. Thus, with my T-Mobile SIM card I could only view the stills of Stephanie Q, Megan C, Nicole, and the rookie Tasha.

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