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There are two ways to be published on AndroidApps:

1.) Free, if you write an exclusive, unique, unbiased article to AndroidApps that we publish after editing based on our own opinion – check this article as an example:

We do not publish posts that have been published elsewhere (e.g. company blog, Facebook, Play Store description, another publication).

2.) Expedited ($80 fee), in this case our journalists will thoroughly review your app and write and publish the article within 5 working days. Expedited post reflects our honest and unbiased opinion.

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AndroidApps' mission is to showcase the most outstanding Android applications. Launched in 2007 being among the first sites dedicated to app reviews. Due to its popularity, we receive many app review requests. While we make every effort to review the apps that have been sent to us, there is no guarantee that the app will be reviewed and posted on our site. If you would like to expedite the review process and get full guarantee that your app will be posted on our site, please choose the Expedited option above.

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Requirements of free submissions:

  • Unique description of your app that has not published elsewhere. Descriptions copied from Google Play store will be refused immediately
  • Only applications and reviews in English will be considered.
Below some guidelines for a successful submission:
  • What is your application used for?
  • What is the target audience?
  • List your competitors
  • What makes your application better?
  • What are the main strengths and weaknesses of your app?
  • About the developer of the app
  • App design and features
  • Pricing
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Expedited review fee is $80. Payment options will be sent to your email address in case of acceptance of the review request.