The core premise of the app is to allow users to send postcards or greeting cards with the app to be mailed anywhere in the world. With extremely low costs ($1.99 and $3.99 for postcards and greeting cards respectively), MyPostcard is able to ensure that the most valuable memories are shared and cherished just as much as a physical photograph. Furthermore, in the form of a mobile app that has access to the camera, gallery, or Instagram, the process of actually creating a postcard or greeting card is extremely simple. Beyond just simply printing the images, users are given a range of customization features that can be used in order to make a more personalized experience. For example, frames, styles, and texts can be tailored to the exact specifications of each user.

MyPostcard Photo Cards enables its users to print and ship photos right from the phone

In order to accommodate those who may have a significant number of pictures to print, an option for photo prints are made available which gives users the ability to print up to 15 photos at once for $10.99. This ensures that while beyond just sending a postcard of a few images per postcard, people are able to have bulk prints in order to save on per photo costs. With this model, users are able to conveniently print a large number of photographs at a cheap price which would then be delivered right to their doorstep without ever having to visit a photo-printing store, helping people save both time and money for the memories that are most important.

Although other photo printing apps are also available on the Google Play Store such as Printicular Print Photos and Shutterfly: Prints & Cards which also print and ship photos directly from the phone, MyPostcard Photo Cards is able to offer significantly competitive prices in order to differentiate itself from competitors. Starting at only $1.99 per postcard including shipping fees, the app is able to attract those who are more cost sensitive. The ease of use associated with the app coupled with the ability to customize the postcard and messages ensures that the experience is more personalized when compared to other photo-printing apps.

To replicate the value of physical photographs from the digital ones found in the gallery of the phone, MyPostcard Photo Cards enables its users to print and ship photos right from the phone. In doing so at a low cost, the most important memories are not lost in the clutter of the gallery but are instead cherished as much as physical photos or Polaroid’s while simultaneously allowing users to clear space on their phone.

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