The idea of the Comet App came about at a bachelorette party. Mathieu Spiry, Comet’s CEO, wanted to have the photographs taken at the party and wedding. But it wasn’t as simple as he had hoped. Mathieu and a few of his closest friends began to think of a way to make it easier. Yes, you can share photos on Facebook but that’s mainly if you want your photos to be public. Dropbox is another option, but that only works until you quickly fill up all your space – explained Mathieu, why he felt that something is missing out there.


The Comet App is a free app which instantly syncs photos from smartphone with friends and family, helping to make sharing memories easier. If your loved ones joined an album and took awesome pictures (let’s say 30) with the native Android photo app, these 30 pictures are pre-selected in the app. A user can choose to add them all or deselect the ones you don’t want to share and confirm the operation. Poof! In 3 seconds, a user can share 30 pictures with all of the friends and family.

Even when friends or family members can’t attend an event, users can send a private link to grant them access to a secure web version of the album. A user can share as many pictures as they want in a private, collaborative photo album.

Another interesting functionality is “Weezing”. It is not uncommon that one friend takes all the pictures of the group. If they are taking a while to send their photos, Comet has an option (“Weez”) to nudge them to share the photos.

Using Comet is quite straightforward: 1. Create the collaborative album 2. Invite friends in the album 3. Photos taken at the event can now be synced to the album. 4. Access and share every picture from any device 5. Everything is accessible from an automatically generated web page

The headquarters of the Comet are located in an open room office in the suburbs of Paris, France. The Company has essentially created the popular startup environment, where one wouldn’t be surprised if Game of Thrones was playing, a ping pong game was in session or little drones flying around. Maybe they were playing too much at the beginning that’s why there were some user complaints and lack of important functionalities few months ago but those are fixed in the current version. The app had gotten over 100,000 users since the launch, which is not surprising, since Comet has partnered with companies such as Orange, Google, Cheerz, and Crazy Voyages in order to keep the app growing. Big partners are not the only reason of becoming popular, the app is based on a great idea, it is developed at a high standard and Comet is an especially useful tool for weddings, special events, birthdays and parties.