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Sep 8, 2010

Here are some apps that could help you survive a sticky situation. Whether lost in the woods, injured, or face to face with an unfriendly, these apps can help you scrape by.

Knot Guide ( 100+ knots )

Whether you’re climbing, trapping or sailing, it’s important to know which knot to use and how to tie it. This app has detailed instructions for 80 knots, categorized into categories like “fishing”, “lashing” and “sailing” just to name a few.


Survival Manual

This app downloads the entire US Army manual to your SD card for easy access if you’re stranded in the wild with no cell phone signal. This is a must have for any outdoors men, with chapters on dangerous animals, making fire and gathering food.


SOF Medical Handbook

Downloads the Special Forces Medical Handbook to your SD card. Complete with bookmarks to find what you need quick.


Ranger Handbook

The Ranger Handbook contains info on first aid, terrain assessment, climbing procedures, as well as combat drills and tracking enemy movement. If you need more than the survival basics, get this app.


US Marines Close Combat Manual

You never know who you might come across in the wold that may not be as prepared as you. You may have to fight to protect your supplies and resources and this app can teach you how to do it. Includes chokes and non-lethal techniques as well as the really gritty stuff.


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