Are you sick of the way your Android phone organizes your text messages? The innovative and free Powow: Text Messaging app for Android is a fabulous new way to organize your text messages just by downloading this modern and fun text app.

Features abound in this free text messaging Android offering. A home screen widget is perfect for scrolling through your 20 most recent text messages. Pop-up notifications allow you to see entire text messages without closing out of the app you are engrossed in currently. Pop-up text messages, how fantastic! You can ignore, delete or review the pop-up as you wish.

Tired of that friend who won’t stop texting you but don’t know how to say STOP? Set up your “Blacklist” with this app to block those text messages from popping-up. You can also mute notifications for certain senders so you won’t get interruptions from non-important text messengers. The Powow app is the classy way to block your friends via text message.

The Powow app also makes it super easy to attach pictures, videos, audio, ringtones and even slideshows to your text messages. And, have emoticons always escaped you? Never fear, with this Android app you get access to easily insert fun and crazy emoticons into your text messages. You can also speak your text message if you are too lazy to type at the moment.

With so many features on offer, you’ll definitely want to get this Android app and enhance your text messging experience.