The main menu lets you jump directly to the info you want with a single tap, including the latest game results, player stats, division standings or league news. At the top, you can customize a favorites list of teams from a pick-list, and then route directly to their team pages with a touch.

The information goes deep. On a team page, you can browse through a team’s season schedule, the roster, team-specific news, even an official team Twitter feed that relays live updates during games. For news, you can touch tabs to move between Sporting News articles, blogs and podcasts. Pass an article to friends by touching the Share button.

Are there alternatives to Sporting News? Sure. You can download apps from other sports news sources, but many of them try to cover all sports in one app. The NFL itself offers an Android app, but, for now, it’s exclusively for Verizon phones. And, for Fantasy football fans, there’s Yahoo! Sports Fantasy Football ’10 for Android, but it’s very focused on fantasy players and leagues. If you need to stay current on the NFL, I say check out Sporting News Pro Football.