Of course, the Nook reading app wouldn’t be complete without adding the ability to shop for more than 4 million Barnes & Noble eBooks right from your phone, including 1 million free eBooks. Grab this month’s new releases and  recent bestsellers, plus free classic titles. Downloading books was ultra-quick via Wi-Fi and 4G data networks in my tests.

The app is perfect when you have to wait for someone and don’t have your Nook eReader with you. It is fascinating being able to carry your entire library on a phone.

Last but not least, the eBook lending feature is a mixed bag. Using the “LendMe” option, you can share your titles with a friend. The catch? Once you lend a title, it’s available to your friend for only 7 days (and then disappears). And during this time, you’ll be unable to read the book until the time is up, or your friend clicks “return book.” Ouch.

Overall, this is a solid, albeit vanilla eReader experience. If you’re a fan of Amazon’s Kindle, B&N’s Nook is unlikely to turn you into a convert. However, Nook eReader owners will find having two ways to read their purchased content a welcome addition to the service.