Pocket is an app that lets users save articles they find in browsers (or apps) to be read later. The idea is that while you might stumble across a whole lot of things to check out during the course of a day while surfing the Internet, you don’t actually have time to read them all. Pocket lets you save those articles for later and strips out the noise around them such as ads and web design, to present the articles in a streamlined manner. Then you can sync the app and read or watch videos at a later time, like on the bus or while you’re standing in line.

Pocket just saw another update this week to further improve the experience. Idea Shower added a new maximum font size to make reading easier, and a “page-flipping mode” that lets users swipe left and right in a manner similar to what’s afforded to e-books. It also added a sepia color scheme and improved its “dark” color scheme, which make reading easier and more comfortable, specifically at night.

Idea Shower also has added video support for more sites, including TED and Khan Academy, and added the ability to copy URLs and save them directly to Pocket from your device’s clipboard.

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