The app’s interface isn’t especially interesting to look at, though it isn’t ugly, either. It’s standard and plain. Since this is a beta app, though, I can see why the developers might have thought it best to stick with a simple design. There’s always the option to make things more colorful with updates later.

The app’s main menu is divided into quarters. The first top half is dedicated to everything music, and works a lot like iTunes. Everything is organized by artists, genres, albums or songs. There’s also an option that enables users to create their own playlists.

The bottom left half of the screen is where you go to watch videos in your phone’s library, and the bottom right of the screen is where you can find photos, a place where you can get access to a comprehensive photo gallery.

Surprisingly, (Real Player is known for being a music and video player) the photos section is my favorite part about this app. I happen to use a couple of different photo applications on my phone for different purposes. Using multiple apps means my photos are always scattered in various folders throughout my phone. I always have to go back into each individual app if I want to flip through pictures I’ve taken. This app, finally, is the solution that keeps them together in one spot.

Photos is also great because it allows users to easily set up slideshows for display. There’s even a music note button you can tap to play music (and create a dramatic effect) while you’re flipping through your photo library.

The one complaint I have about Real Player is that it doesn’t have a share button for you to quickly post your favorite pictures or videos to a social networking site.

The app doesn’t seem to suffer from any hiccups, and seems to have vastly improved from my last interaction with Real Player. (2005-2006?)

Real Player is a practical alternative to iTunes, and a great way to save time when you want access to videos, photos and music all at once. If you frequently use your phone for accessing different forms of media, it’s certainly worthy of a download.

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