The app works by breaking down this advice in bite-size tips, and you can set how often you’d like to receive these tips: once a day, three times per week or once a week.

The tips include information on preventing your phone from consuming your life, protecting yourself against fraud and identity theft, social networking privacy, cyber bullying, family safety and how to protect one’s reputation by aiming to be an “upstanding digital citizen.” In other words: don’t ever post anything online that you wouldn’t feel comfortable seeing on the front page of a newspaper.

A lot of the information found on Net Safety Tips On The Go are common sense, so, I don’t think the average, mature Internet user will have a lot to learn from this app. However, this is a great way to gently introduce the technologically illiterate to the World Wide Web. It’s also a handy resource to consult if you want to have a serious, comprehensive discussion with your kids about proper phone and Internet use.

Net Safety Tips were easy to set up, and the bits of advice popped up as scheduled. Though, I must say that I was still always caught a bit off guard by them. The tips are a bit random, so when they pop up, they often have nothing to do with what you’re working on at that moment.

If you come upon one you think will be helpful, you can easily share it with friends or save it for later by tapping the “Star” button under settings.