Pride Apps

Jul 13, 2011

In the wake of NYC’s enormous Pride Parade last month (made all the larger and more enthusiastic coming on the heels of the passage of marriage equality), I was inspired to make a list of apps to help those that want to stay plugged into the GLBT pride scene all year long

Gay Pride Finder

This app has listings of events happening all over the country, and doesn’t just focus on the usual large urban areas (nyc, san fransisco, etc) in its listings.


Gay Pride Live Wallpaper

If you want to bring a little pride to your phone, you can easily do it with these bright, rainbow wallpapers.


Pride48 GLBT Friendly Radio

Want to stay connected and up to date with what’s going on in the GLBT community on the go? Material is pulled from, and additional time slots are filled with podcasts. Warning: the app page states up front that a strong 3g or wifi signal is required, and they definitely mean it. With a weaker signal, the app is prone to constant stuttering.


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