Power through your next run with the Nike+ Run Club app

Jul 2, 2012

No Nikes are required when using the free Nike+ Run Club app for Android. However, fans of Nike technology and apparel will probably be more apt to appreciate this fitness-centric app. Of course the app is social too. It integrates with Facebook so if you share your run, you will hear cheers along the path as people comment and like your post. You can also share your new stats after a run and brag about new paces if you are into that sort of thing. This motivating app will also clue you in to new achievements each time you run, which are stored in the “Records” section of the app.

Whether you trail run, hit the treadmill in your basement, or pound pavement in your neighborhood streets, this app aims to monitor your route, distance, time, splits and pace. For your usual route, this savvy app helps you decipher weak areas where your pace slows and also locate those spots where you speed up in order to monitor and improve running performance. This is especially helpful if you run competitively and need to find ways to improve your performance on an outdoor path or trail. You can also set up your run to be basic, timed, or aim for distance so you see the time or distance on the main screen. However, there isn’t a lot of customization on the voice feedback you receive during the runs, which could improve the app.

I love that the app lets you pick a “powersong” for your playlist for times you need a little extra motivation during your run. Mine is “Shake Your Groove Thing.” What’s your powersong?

Nike+ Run Club
Nike+ Run Club
Developer: Nike, Inc.
Price: Free
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Kate Currin

Kate Currin, a techie who loves apps as much as shoes, is a freelance writer living in Chicago.

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