Power Management Tools

Aug 16, 2010

Ah, batteries. We wish they would all live forever. But since they don’t you can take advantage of apps like these to quickly turn off services you’re not using and to find out what’s eating away at your battery life. After all, you don’t want to run out of juice during that YouTube video of the Evo/iPhone cartoon, right?

SwitchPro Widget

If you aren’t constantly using GPS, Bluetooth, Wifi, and 4G (if you have it), turn ’em OFF and save your battery! This quick widget lets you do that with a tap of a finger… no more digging through menus.



SystemPanelLite Task Manager

This app gives you an idea of where your power is going. It shows you what services are running (you may be surprised what’s eating power in the background!) and how to stop them.


OverclockWidget (Need Root)

Yes, TECHNICALLY you need root for this – but if you have it, this little widget is a great power saver. It basically allows you to determine how much or little power you want your phone to use based on what you’re doing. I clock my power WAY down when the phone sleeps – something the phone itself wouldn’t normally do since it’s always looking for notifications. This app puts you more in control.


Battery Status Pro (New)

This fellow displays in your notification bar and gives you a PERCENT readout on your battery life, not just a slowly-shrinking green bar. When opened, you can see what that battery means – how much talk time, standby time, internet use, and video playback time you could get from the remaining charge.


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