In fact, Temple Run felt just as good on Android as it did on the iPhone, with the caveat that the controls seemed a touch less responsive on the Galaxy Tab than on the iPhone. The tablet experienced notably less graphical choppiness, though, and the control issue could probably be chalked up to the differences of playing the game on a larger screen, where swipes tend to get larger and take longer.

Even with the bugs some players seem to be experiencing, it seems developer Imagni Studios has done a nice job porting its game over the Android devices. It’s a good thing, too, since players have been looking for the title since it hit big on iOS, and other less-honest developers have been more than happy to capitalize. On both Apple’s platform and Google’s, a number of knock-off games with titles similar to Temple Run have cropped up, apparently in hopes that users would find and download them by mistake.

With the real Temple Run hitting Google Play at last, unwitting players should be able to avoid that particular booby trap, at least more often than before. And it’s a run worth taking, as the time and work Imangi Studios put in to bringing the game from one platform to another seems to have paid off.