The holidays are nearly upon us (Black Friday, anyone?), so now is the time to fire up your Droid and grab apps that will help you save time and money when you head out to the local mall. Point Inside is a free app that tackles both needs head-on, as long as you’re in a larger city with fairly well-known shopping centers.

Firing up the app, you’re first presented with a familiar Google map of your local area (Thanks, GPS!). The local malls available in the app are just a finger-press away, with each record displaying the address, phone number and hours of operation, along with an interactive map.

Zoom in and out to find your favorite stores visually, or click the stores’ links to see each retail location in alphabetical order. Clicking on each store in the mall will return you to the map, with a helpful pin stuck into the overhead map. Each record contains full contact information, along with special promotional offers (if available).

With an additional link to the many food options available, you won’t ever have to wander mindlessly through the food court again.

So plan your shopping offensive this year with Point Inside, and you just might save some time and money. And we all could use more of both, right?