JM: We’ll be launching New York, Milwuakee, Denver and Washington, D.C. next month.

APPO: You raised pretty serious cash from Lightbank, the original investors in Groupon. What are you doing with the money, and how much is allocated to mobile media specifically?

JM: Our goal is to create a product that is viral. Almost all of our cash is spent on product, sales and customer support.

APPO: Are you able to share ideas and best practices with the folks at Groupon as well as other Lightbank portfolio companies (Sprout Social, Watermelon Express, and others)?

JM: Yeah, we do monthly CEO meetings to talk about issues and collaborate on an adhoc basis about issues that come up day to day.

APPO: With mobile media in particular, what are the three biggest things keeping you up at night and why?

JM: I just wish the networks were bigger. Millenial Media, Admob, Pandora, etc. are really promising business models, but they don’t move much volume for us.