A few weeks back, I reviewed eBooks by Kobo; Laputa Book Reader is a similar app. Laputa also allows you to carry your entire library, without the need to have a motor home.

At first, Laputa looks the same as many other book readers for Android, showing “Your Bookshelf,” from which you can pick a book you want to read. But it also offers more: Laputa allows you to create your own collection of books. With this, you can virtually build additional bookshelves, and sort the books yourself.

Navigating to another screen, you enter the “Book Store.” What I noticed was that the Laputa book store offers more titles, but also has a greater selection of free, modern books. Many other book stores have a free section, but they usually don’t contain as many contemporary titles. Laputa really does win here. Laputa also integrates seamlessly with some online book stores where you can purchase a book, and reread it within the app later on.

Laputa holds the same features as many other readers. You can change the font, use night-mode, etc. Laputa also offers two other great features:

1) The bookmark list: being able to set several bookmarks with your own label to easily navigate back to a specific section in a book.

2) Search the entire content of a book using a text string.

One interesting point I came across was that when you open a book, Laputa seems to load the entire book, which adds a delay. Other apps however, open the book and load additional pages as soon as you navigate to them. I think the experience Laputa offers is better: Slow start, but ahead in the game during reading.