Cartoony graphics? Check. Big Eyed Mascot? Check. Quirky yet addicting gameplay? Check, check and check. Burn the Rope. Indeed, both games task the player with solving puzzles all while burning ropes. Burn It All takes it a step further by letting you scorch anything flammable. Playing is easy. Starting with a single flame, you drag the fire into objects presented on the screen. Your main objective is, literally, to burn everything. The first few levels are quite easy, giving you designated points and areas of the ropes where the flame should start. However, as you play through the game, this simple premise quickly translates into well thought-out puzzle segments.

Like most casual games, Burn It All gently holds your hand for the introductory levels and introduces new mechanics as you progress. You’ll start with a few ropes and you’ll quickly, er… burn through them in seconds. Things start becoming a bit more challenging as different colored ropes are introduced, each with varying burn speed. Burning mobile enemies such as bats also become a challenge as they constantly flap in different directions forcing you to strategize.

If you’ve played and loved Cut the Rope, you’ll enjoy the pacing of Burn It All as well. Adding elements that you’ve learned in the past levels combined with newer mechanics in the later levels, this layered gameplay makes Burn it All a complex puzzle game. Top it off with a running clock and you’ve got yourself a frantic brain teaser.

The only drawbacks I’ve really encountered are no fault on the game itself. Starting the game, Bulkypix features a banner that advertises other games on the market. I’ve noticed this in their previous games, too. While minor to some, frequent players may find this quite annoying.

Like most casual games, the story is an afterthought. If you’re looking for a deeply woven story, you won’t find it here. Instead, focusing straight on gameplay, Burn It All lets your inner pyromaniac loose. If you’re looking to quench your burning desire for challenging yet fun gameplay, give Burn It All a try.

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