What if you could call the legendary Jedi Master of hedonism, Hugh Hefner, before deciding where to go for a night on the town? The Playboy Scout app for Android delivers the next best thing – a list of Playboy approved nightspots. The idea sounds great. Unfortunately, the app suffers from lack of information and features.

At this point, Playboy Scout only features content from New York City and Los Angeles. The suggestions do seem both up-to-date and accurate in terms of what’s hot right now. You’ll find listings for restaurants, bars, clubs, and other sophisticated hotspots – like an upscale butchery in NYC, for example. Playboy plans to add more cities in the future.

The listings tell you what in particular about the place makes it stand out – the atmosphere, the food, the bartenders, and so on – and what not to miss while you’re there. Most listings provide the phone number and address so your Android phone will let you call or navigate there using Google Maps.

And, that’s really about it. There’s no feature allowing you to post your own suggestions or comments. There’s no social aspect for following the nightspot hopping path of others. As a first release, the app feels very limited. We can only hope future versions deliver more geographical coverage and more engaging features.