According to the story of Plants vs. Zombies™ Heroes, Zomboss, the super smart, super evil, and super mad zombie scientist plans to unleash a new breed of superpowered zombies to once again try to take over the world. But something goes wrong: the beam Zomboss employs to level up his zombies gets out of his control and while running amok, gives life to not only a blood-freezing horde of super zombies, but also to their equally mighty plant counterparts.

The gameplay you have gotten used to in previous Plants vs. Zombies™ episodes has remained intact, although it has been fine-tuned to the superpowered circumstances. You start out with Green Shadow, the caped plant avenger, and you get a basic set of cards containing a variety of plants you can throw out onto the battlefield when going up against the many mega zombies you have to defeat on your quest of ridding the world of Zomboss’ powerful minions. Battles consist of four rounds: first, zombies make their move, then it’s up to plants to counter that move, then come the mischievous zombie tricks, and then it is battle time! Defeating each enemy requires a different strategy, so use your brains and plant-power you spend on cards wisely! As the battle progresses, you get more power each round, but the cards you get is totally random, meaning victory or defeat is often based on pure luck.

Initially, you can only play as Green Shadow, but after you’ve aced a couple of battles, you will unlock new plant superheroes and also get access to the Zombie Headquarters, which will allow you to take a trip to the dark side and play as Super Brainz, the most superficial super zombie with a fondness for hair gel. The more missions you complete, the more heroes you’ll unlock and the more gems you’ll collect that you can spend on card packs to upgrade your weaponry. Each plant and zombie hero has its own set of special abilities and a boatload of cards for each ability, so completing the missions will surely take some time for even the most avid zombie killers and plant crushers. When you deem your deck strong enough for online battles, you can put your army of plants or zombies to the test in casual or ranking-based battles against your friends or against random users worldwide.

The whole game has a comic book-like feel and is peppered with adorably awkward one-liners, so for us, it was impossible to not like Plants vs. Zombies™ Heroes. It is challenging, fun, has a unique atmosphere and gameplay, outstanding longevity, and is more addictive than brains for zombies.