We have  a great line-up this week, starting off with the devious Plague Inc.. How many other games actually allow you to decimate mankind, let alone make that the core tenet of gameplay? On top of that, we’ve got a clever color shifting auto-runner, a post-apocalyptic swipe combat title, an official Marvel version of Rage of Bahamut, a Ninjump sequel, and an absurdly charming RPG about RPGs.

Ninjump, and finally we get the sequel that’s been sitting around on iOS for so long. Ninjump Deluxe preserves the endless climbing gameplay we all love, but gives us more variety, at least as far as visuals are concerned. Sure, most of the stuff you can do is mechanically identical to the last game, but the changes in scenery as you now run through jungle, castle, and pirate ship themed maps make a world of difference in keeping the game re-playable. Ninjump is awesome, and you owe it to yourselves to remind yourselves why that is after all this time!

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