Pix’n Love Rush is a love letter to classic side scrollers that were prevalent in the ’80s and ’90s. With a visual style that harkens back to handheld portable systems such as the Game Boy and Virtual Boy, to major consoles such as SNES, it’s a walk down the 8-bit memory lane. If you grew up through the early ages of gaming, or love retro graphics and games in general, Pix’n Love Rush will easily win you over. Its visual flair massages the nostalgic muscles that make 2-D games still charming to this day.

Starting with its strongest suit, Pix’n Love Rush charming visuals alone is a reason to play. It takes all the 8-bit 2-D graphics you’ve come to know and love and mixes them into one beautiful side scrolling/platforming package. As you progress throughout the game, you’ll be treated to a number of graphics reminiscent of different systems. From the blocky NES visuals, to the green, grainy images of the first Game Boy (complete with ghosting), its retro aesthetic is easy to fall in love with.

Gameplay is no slouch either. While a simple side scrolling platformer at heart, Pix’n Love Rush is still quite challenging. and offers four different modes. Controlling a cat like creature you’re tasked with collecting “+” coins. Collect enough and the art style changes. Mistakenly grabbing a “-” or bumping into an enemy ends your streak and knocks you back a visual. While it may sound unforgiving, it add a layer of challenge. The hopes of seeing the next retro overlay keeps you motivated enough to maintain your combo. While you can easily avoid enemies, you’ll at least be able to defend yourself by spewing pixels at enemies.

As a platformer, this works well with Xperia PLAY and Android devices with external keyboards. Surprisingly, the usually vile touchscreen controls, while not as great, are manageable.

Simply put, Pix’n Love Rush is the Mario of mobile gaming. You owe it to yourself to pick this charming title right now.

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