This week was a slower in terms of prominent app releases, but plenty of old favorites received big-time updates to make up for it. Topping our list is the latest update from Pinterest, bringing some much requested functionality to the fold. We’ve also got a few ways to save some money while driving to work in the morning, a special app for hunters and fisherman, and a great video collection app that’s all about science!

Dunkin’ Donuts update (Free)

We end our list today with a wonderful combination of caffeine, sugar, and savings! The Dunkin’ Donuts app has had a serious evolution recently. Now, instead of simply offering a store locator and virtual menu like a standard website would, the mobile app actually gives you a special reason to use it via exclusive coupons, virtual gift cards, and other such features. Since “America runs on Dunkin’” this app will surely bolster the whole economy with such great deals. I joke, but coffee is something I take seriously, and cheaper coffee is even better!

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