Can a photo-editing app have too many features? When you see all that PicsArt — Photo Studio can do, you’ll probably ask yourself that question, as I did. If you want a simple photo editor, this app might feel overwhelming, but if photography sparks passion in you, this app gives you all the tools you need, and it’s free.

Start from an existing photo in your own gallery or take a new picture with your Android’s camera. Using your own existing photo, you can crop, edit or add a whole series of stickers, shapes and text to your picture. I particularly liked the ability to easily curve added text by just zigzagging my finger across the screen. When taking a new photo through the camera, you can apply a filter from a large set like sepia, black & white, negative and several others, before you capture. Then, add additional blur and color adjustments after you snap. My test images looked great.

The app includes its own social network for photographers. Through the app, you can browse through hundreds of photos, all sorted in categories like friends, summer, family, babies, weddings and many more. Drill down to add a comment or save to your MemBox. Of course, the app lets you post your own photo art as well.

What’s not to love? The app’s description in the market mentions how at least two different applications were integrated to make this photo studio app, and that becomes apparent when you notice the app provides different editing features depending on whether you start with a new photo or one from your gallery. This gets a little confusing, but you can figure it out if you try.

Overall, the app delivers a lot of powerful photo-editing tools. Check it out for yourself.