While we wait for Instagram to hit the Google Play market, Photo 360 by Sfera offers a new way to take panoramic photos of objects and people. GrooVe IP Lite, on the other hand, connects your Android device to Google Voice to circumvent your monthly minute limit with VoIP calls. H&R Block has launched yet another app in the midst of tax season, while Jelli Radio makes a splash at SXSW. Here are this week’s top Android apps.

free version available to try before you buy.

Woopra (Free)

Have a website or online business? Woopra analytics has finally hit Android, with extensive features for monitoring your site. Starting with the Live Dashboard, get a real-time snapshot of your entire site performance, seeing at a glance which visitors are currently on your site, where they’re coming from and their activity. Drill down on which visitors are new or returning, and how they’re engaging with your website. Customize alerts for visitor activity, such as when they get an error message so you can resolve it immediately, or when a purchase over $100 has been made. There’s also live chat so you can correspond with site visitors, and additional segmented reports to gain insight on vital site stats to make more informed decisions on the go.