With this mobile grocery shopping app, I can keep my food budget in check by managing my list of needs from home, at the office or on the go, including shopping by scanning existing items in my kitchen. I can always mosey through the fancy store scanning items to my Peapod list, and then, manage which items are realistically within my budget before I check out with Peapod delivery service.

And, the best part? I can make my grocery list or modify an existing list on my lunch break, at my desk or during a pedicure, and then, my groceries are delivered to my home at a convenient time I choose. Now, if only Peapod had an affordable personal chef delivered, as well.

You can even search for items you might not know how to spell, like cream fraiche or chorizo. Or, if you are out shopping and see an item you might want to buy in the future, simply scan it with the app to find out if Peapod offers the item, and add it to your ongoing grocery list. This also works when you’re at a dinner party, and want to know where the delicious cheese came from. Scan the package to see if it’s available through Peapod.

Overall, the Peapod app is a convenient way to take grocery shopping and food budgeting on the go.