Even people who aren’t especially enthusiastic about bowling will still probably enjoy PBA Bowling 2 for Android.

That’s because this is a very attractive and well-made game. One of the first things I noticed about PBA Bowling 2 was how vibrant and clear the graphics are. The game takes place in 3D, realistic-looking bowling alleys, which makes the display, menus and other features in the game pop. The layout of the game is sensical, allowing players to keep an eye on both the frame and the lane in front of them, without cluttering the screen. The physics of the game are realistic, so it’s easy to get comfortable aiming and firing your ball into the pins.

The game is pretty straightforward, but in case you’re confused, there are some helpful instructions that pop up during the first few frames. PBA Bowling 2 offers a few different gameplay modes, including Single Player, Tournament and Spare Challenge. Players can choose to go up against either the computer or a friend, and can select from different levels of difficulty.

Perhaps the feature that sets PBA Bowling 2 apart from all other bowling games in the marketplace, is the ability to customize your bowling ball. Select a color, the desired weight, the kinds of textures, any graphics and even special effects. As you play, your ball will unlock cool features and abilities. One other neat thing is the ability to reference online leader boards to see how you measure up with some of the best bowlers in the world.

One flaw I found with the game is that even if the game is set to difficult, it doesn’t take long to figure out how to get a strike every time you roll the ball. Because it’s not actual bowling, there aren’t a lot of distractions that might contribute to you rolling a gutter ball, or miss some of the pins. You also have the option to tilt your phone in order to spin the ball in your desired direction after you’ve rolled the ball. Figure out exactly where you should aim, and click, and you’ll be rolling strikes and spares every time.