Do you have massive cravings for TGI Friday’s every day? Then you will definitely want to check out the free Friday’s app for Android. Now you can have Friday in the palm of your hand all the time! The best part of this delicious app is you can start a tab with the app and even settle up your bill with it.

That’s right folks, you can pay your dinner or bar bill right in the Friday’s app on your Android phone. This savvy app even helps you figure out the tip. It will automatically settle up an 18 percent tip by default, but you can choose to increase it if you seriously love your service. Or decrease if it your service is, gasp, horrible. How can that be? Everyone is happy at Friday’s! And, if you can’t get enough of your favorite Friday’s bartenders, you will love their tips on life and living it up in this amusing app.

Of course, you can do more simple things with the Friday’s app as well such as find the closest location, view a map, and get driving directions. Review the food and cocktail menu with this tasty app to see what craving you can satisfy during your next visit to Friday’s. And, before you head out to happy hour, check out the drink menu and promotions going on at your local Friday’s location. Frequent diners can also keep track of their Friday’s rewards as well.

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