Samuel L. Jackson is a man whose F-bomb laced proverbs are sure to make anyone’s day a little brighter. The SamDroidJackson app from Android is a collection of more than 150 quotes from the mouth of Jackson, himself.

The app works as a soundboard, a prank personality analyzer and a source for advice. (A disclaimer was very specific in mentioning, however, that the app is meant to be used for entertainment purposes only and is not intended to be used for real-life advice.) It comes in both an Explicit and Clean version, both for 99 cents.

SamDroidJackson is easy to use and very customizable. To edit a page’s title, add a page, or remove a page from the soundboard, press and hold on the title of the page at the top of the soundboard to open the page configuration interface. To customize the label of a soundboard button or change the sounds played by that button, press and hold the button down for about a second to open the button customization interface.

The app also offers a personality scanner that allows users to scan thumb prints to find out what Samuel L. Jackson really thinks of a person, and Ask Sam, which works similar to a Magic 8 Ball.

This is easily one of the best-put-together soundboard apps on the market today. It’s an entertaining, easy-to-use app that’s sure to get a smile out of everyone in the room.