Answering the question: what changed with Tinder is a greater sense of safety. As the only way to sign up for the app is through a Facebook account, creating fake profiles are less likely. The age, the job, and all the photos used on Tinder are imported directly – and what is more important: only – from Facebook. This means the age of dating sites full off rip-offs and the stereotypical ’old guy pretending to be a beautiful woman’ kind of pranks are over. There are two more things that make it so popular. First is that by using GPS coordinates it looks up only people that are within the kilometer limit the user set earlier. And second is its intelligent way to avoid embarrassing moments: people can like each other but the other person will see the like only if he likes back – so when it is a match. So no big danger and no huge jaw drops.

OK Cupid

OK Cupid has a Tinder-like way of working under the ’Quick Match’ option but it goes also a bit further. You can start chatting with users basically from anywhere in the world. Though it’s a good question what is the point of that as we talk about a dating app, but still, it doesn’t put obstacles in making new friends and in this globalized world who knows when you end up in the same place. For those who want to avoid linking with Facebook there is an option to create a profile without that. What is strange about OK Cupid though is that with an upgrade it is possible to see who liked you – unlike Tinder which shows only if it is a match. But suprisingly all in all, OK Cupid disproving what we wrote earlier is super popular with a huge user base from all over the world.


Badoo looks back to a 10 year history, started out as a dating site, now also available in the form of an application. It works very simply. Users can upload photos and videos and can chat with others. Choosing the ‘Nearby’ option, a Tinder-like surface appears – the profile of people in the area appears and the user gets to choose between a like or a pass. What makes it a bit more than Tinder, is that besides photos, interests and the short introduction of the person, others also see an information how popular he/she is. A chart appears indicating how many people put like out of the total amount who viewed. Badoo is a free app but with an upgrade more functions – super powers – are available: for example a bigger visibility to receive more likes. Badoo on the other hand fails in terms of privacy. It gives out way more data than you want and sometimes also sends fake messages to users about a mail avaiting for them from a friend, while the message doesn’t exist and didn’t exist ever.


LOVOO with its more than 50 million users aims to help people organizing quick dates. Using the like-pass system as well, it also offers people nearby but besides an individual view, you can also see them as a ‘collection’. LOVOO is the typical example of the nothing special, very simple app – but maybe this simplicity is what makes it so popular, as it can be used instantly.


Zoosk on the other hand offers a more complex and developed way of finding dates. It makes possible for example to search based on weight, height, or even religion which means that it provides different ways of finding someone – not only the for now usual, location-based search. To make sure the person you are chatting with really looks like the person on the photos, feel free to ask for a video selfie. The SmartPick™ function is responsible for selecting the right people for you – based on your introduction data and your previous likes. Despite giving a more personalized working method, Tinder seems to destroy the popularity of Zoosk.


Nah this is an interesting idea! Have you ever experienced crossing paths with someone attractive on the street but didn’t dare to accost? Problem solved! HAPPN basically will do that for you. Every time you cross paths with someone on the street, HAPPN pops up their profile on your timeline – of course only if they are also using the app. It even shows the number of how many times you two actually bumped into each other and when was the last time. Helps to start a conversation for shy guys and girls – mainly that the other will see your like only if they like back – which is called a ‘Crush’. And one more good news: with HAPPN you won’t have to worry about privacy problems – though just like Tinder, it also requires from the users to sign up via Facebook.

Coffee Meets Bagel!

Coffee Meets Bagel! comes with a little different concept from the previous ones. The very first information about it: way more women using it than men. And this is not accidental. The app offers a super safe and a slower way of getting to know someone new. It is not about flirting around with 15 different people at one time, it is more about finding that only one. Every noon the user gets one match and she has 24 hours to decide to push like or pass. In case of a match, the newly formed duo can start chatting in a private chatroom. In case of a pass, the application learns about the preferences of the person and chooses the next match accordingly. And here comes what gives the feeling of being in a safe place: Coffee Meets Bagel! offers people with whom the user has mutual friends. Oh, and did we mention that the guys have to make the first move and then the girls gets to decide? No wonder why women are dominating it.


If you liked the idea of the previous one then you will probably like Hinge as well. Through Hinge the users can connect ONLY with friends and friends of friends. Moreover, it is based on the process that the user should ask the mutual friends about the person – so it is like turning friends into procuresses. And yes: by using Facebook account. Though the app maybe even goes a bit too far with that. It is giving out more data than Tinder does as the concept of Hinge is that people should connect in real life and not through an app. So to make this possible it provides bit more information than you would want. Also the main point of Hinge is a bit controversial: if something people learn very quickly, then it is that hooking up with friends is usually not a good idea.