This week brought us a new app from Google that’s actively trying to make the world a better place, one day at a time, one dollar at a time. That app is One Today by Google, and it’s the top app of the week. We’ve also got a new voice activated personal assistant, the ultimate travel-log app, a new way to meet people online, and a way to keep your business and personal lives separate, at least as far as phone numbers are concerned.

One Today by Google (Free)

Google may be a company hell bent on taking over the entire world, but it’s always quite possible that they’ll be benevolent and merciful new overlords, ushering us into a new age of peace and prosperity! At least, that’s what you might conclude thanks to their new app One Today by Google. Probably the most noble app to be put out by such a massive company, One Today brings a different nonprofit group or project to your attention every single day, and asks that you donate one single dollar to the cause, hopefully sharing that donation with social media and getting larger chunks of change to the people who are trying to make the world better. We’re all philanthropists in Google’s new world order! But seriously. This is great stuff, and I’m glad to see it.

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Instead of celebrating Earth Day once a year, adopt an eco-friendly consciousness. Zinio ‘s digital newsstand saves 104 thousand trees per month, and here’s how you can get involved.

Indigo (Free)

Speaking of awesome futuristic scenarios that we’ve all seen in movies, haven’t you always wanted your very own AI assistant and companion? Well… Indigo from Artificial Solutions is a pretty close alternative for now. Like the beloved Siri on iOS, Indigo is a voice enabled personal assistant that actually chats back at you. It’ll look up directions, let you leave notes and reminders, find restaurants and showtimes, and most importantly, play YouTube videos, let you update Facebook, and also read, tweet, and retweet on Twitter. As with any app this advanced, there are plenty of kinks to work out and bugs to squash, but just because this isn’t quite Cortana from the Halo games series doesn’t mean it isn’t really cool!

The Traveler (Free)

The Traveler from Frog Baby Apps is looking to be the ultimate app for documenting any and every vacation you ever take, from family road trips to nowhere USA to gallivanting tours across Europe and the rest. The app will let you record video and take photos, sketch things you see and leave notes, and even record your paths, replaying them and showing any photos, videos, or sketches you take at the context appropriate times. Talk about a literal walk down memory lane. This is a great concept and should definitely be downloaded by anyone who travels with regularity.

Swoon (Free)

People have had to figure out all new ways to date and find that significant other in the Internet age, and ‘Swoon: who’s crushing on you?’ is just the latest in a long line of OKCupids and lesser OKCupids. Breaking things down to a basic level of face shots and primary interests, you can play a little game of ‘hot or not’ and like or pass on various people in your given area anonymously, and you can even message each other in-app if it turns out that you and someone else ‘like’ each other’s profiles. The app is super buggy at the moment, but it’s a neat idea worth checking out if online dating is your scene.

SendHub: Free Business Phone (Free)

SendHub from InfoReach is the latest in a long line of apps that seek to make business communications easier, while also keeping your personal number as personal as possible. Offering a voice over internet alternative phone service, you can make a free business line in any area code, text and call right from the app, plus enjoy nifty features like call forwarding, group texting, voicemail, and the rest. It’s also got a few bugs skittering about in its system, but it works quite well as is, and is definitely a great place to look if you want to keep your business and personal lives separate.

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