If you’re going to Lollapalooza this year, you’re definitely going to want to download the festival’s official app for Android.

The popular, sold-out music festival starts today and runs until Sunday evening in Grant Park, downtown Chicago. The Lollapalooza app is handy because it functions as a map (so you always know where the bathrooms are), has a mobile merch tent, and is full of information about each artist scheduled to play the festival including bios, when/where they are playing, etc. But it’s also so much more involved than that.

One handy feature allows users to create their very own, personalized schedule. Just browse the app’s lineup and select who you’re most interested in seeing perform. If you think this is a bit too tedious to create from your phone, you can create a schedule online at lollapalooza.com and easily sync it up with your Android device.

Grant Park is a huge place, but Lollapalooza users never have to worry about becoming separated from their friends. The app has GroupMe integration, which allows users to set up group chats. The app also has an interactive map of the park, which can be viewed by others. This way, when you can’t find your group, you can drop a pin on a map and they can easily track you down using their phone’s GPS.

In anticipation, people with the official app can really start to get excited by using the app’s Lolla Radio, which streams music by Lollapalooza artists past and present. It’s a great way to discover new bands before you arrive in Grant Park.

The app has fantastic functionality, it works without issue, and it looks great, too. It has a very sophisticated, professional-looking template, but this is expressed with an art style that accurately depicts the loose, free-spirited nature of the music festival.

At the same time, all of the app’s information is labeled and properly categorized. Most users won’t have any difficulty finding their way around this logically-organized application.

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