With carriers raising prices on data plans, it’s no wonder Onavo’s Android app has become so popular. It monitors your Android device’s data usage, helping you avoid overage fees. Panorama Pro also made a splash this week, capturing landscape photos with your Android’s camera. Google Docs pushed through an important update for mobile users as well, enabling real-time document collaboration and editing in their native Android app.

There’s plenty of health-related apps for your Android device, many that can determine your heart rate by placing a finger on your camera lens. What’s My Heart Rate can calculate your heart rate just by looking at you, based on an advanced algorithm that detects micro-changes in the color changes in your face. It’s a less intrusive way to measure heart rate, and as the app developer suggests, it can be used on a sleeping baby or an elderly person. It’s not so much for fitness however, as you have to hold the camera still to measure your heart rate, and there’s no tracking over time.