It has almost nothing to do with the film other than the virus and an end goal of finally earning enough red staplers to burn the building down like at the end of the film. Except, earning staplers requires earning billions of in-game dollars. How you accomplish this is either rapidly tapping your way to success, or unlocking interns who will do the work for you. Yes, the game that already is basically just tapping for instant gratification will do the work for you if you can’t bring yourself to play it. Which, to be fair, will be the response for most, but that just highlights the missed opportunity here.

Office Space is an iconic film with elements that wouldn’t work in a traditional console game, but could work great as a mobile game. It could have been styled like an adventure game, leaving the tapping economics as a side feature. Or, perhaps, scenes from the movie could be used to create mini-games. Well, to be fair, there is one attempt at this, but it literally is just pounding your thumbs against the screen while raging in traffic only to earn EVEN MORE in-game money.

If you love to just see numbers go higher and higher exponentially through the simple act of tapping buttons, then Office Space: Idle Profits is your dream game.

In theory, you can “unlock scenes from the film” remade in the game’s art, but… why would you do that when you could just rent the movie? Speaking of which, the art is almost unrecognizable from the film, save for a few obvious visual elements like red staplers and certain key characters. The looping music progressive gets on your nerves the longer you play as well, not helping matters at all. The sound design is also painfully dry and unsatisfying.

Hilariously, if you feel so deeply invested in earning the maximum potential numbers possible, there are purchasable boosters and currency. All it does is make the same exact result happen faster, but I suppose if that’s your thing, then Office Space: Idle Profits is happy to oblige. It’s free if you really feel the need to try it out, but unless you have a deep, yearning need to look at status bars, just look elsewhere.

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