OF Launcher used newly design with longitudinal slide, one finger will touch things easily at the very beginning. Users can slide to open multiply drawer with customized wallpapers, newly drawer with cover will give you an unprecedented visual experience.

OF Launcher shows your apps at the bottom where you can touch them easily, without icons and widgets cluttered your beautiful desktop. Then, an amazing thing will happen. You can set your own pictures or even stars’ posters as app folders’ wallpapers, which will be shown on your phone screen totally, and these personalized wallpapers will make your phone stylish.

Users can slide to open multiply drawer with customized wallpapers

Rather than spending a long time in other old launchers with all your 10 fingers, just swipe and slide to manage your Android with one finger will be a better choice. The quick access app drawer let you get where you need to go comfortably. 10+ desktop gestures allows convenient access to your favorite apps, system settings, switches and all your phone widget with just one hand. You can add more folders and arrange your favorite apps to always be within your reach. That’s why OFLauncher’s 150000 beta test users love it so much.

oflauncher2Two years ago, the company was able to get a seed fundings $70000 as a startup. However, it’s too difficult to have someone believing in launching something amazing and win lots of fan’s love from Google Play. So this program was stopped many times. However, with many people’s help, OF Launcher come out finally. It’s set to make the app in beta first – win 5000 downloads every day. It would be interesting to see how OFLauncher will leverage their fans users and make a mark in Google Play when the official version is released. With its unique interactive design and usage concept, OFLauncher can really make a difference in acquiring the large number of mobile users in all over the world as their loyal users. OFLauncher is now available for Android.

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