The Download our new Android app!

When you launch the app, you’ll see the cover of the most recent edition. When you click on it, you’ll be brought to a sort of table of contents where you can choose what you want to look at by category: fashion, beauty, radar (which is a sort of celebrity news/what’s new section), culture, photos, music and NYLON TV.

The app seems to be arranged almost like a carefully organized blog, and I wasn’t left wondering what anything meant, even though I’m not especially familiar with the publication. There’s also a ton of stuff to look at, which at first made me feel almost overwhelmed. But, because the writing is so brief, it’s easy to work your way through the app.

There are also tons of photos and slideshows, which helped make NYLON Magazine more visually appealing. Also, in the spirit of keeping things trendy, NYLON, of course, includes a social networking element, allowing you to share anything of interest via Facebook or Twitter. You just have to click on the “Share” button that’s on the top right of the screen.

I found the NYLON TV section of the app to be especially impressive. Even though the app boots you to Youtube to check it out, the video streaming is quick and flawless, and the video quality is spectacular. One issue I had with this app, though, is that I couldn’t get used to using NYLON’s own “Back” button (it’s on the left hand side, at the top) as a way to get back to the main menu. Out of habit, I kept clicking my phone’s own “Back” button, which would boot me from the app. Even after I knew better, I still kept getting kicked off. You must break a key habit to use this app without getting frustrated.