Want to keep an eye on your servers? Get Server Density installed on your Android device, and keep an eye on all that is going on with them. Before you can fully use the app, you have to sign-up on the web site of Server Density and add your servers. Be aware, when you sign-up, you get a free 20-day trial, after that you have to choose a plan, starting at $10 per month.

Once the servers are set up, launch the app and sign-in with your credentials. On the top of the screen, you can pick the servers you have added to the list. The app will show you real-time information on the health of your servers.

Besides the real-time information, you can also look at alerts that may have been triggered. These alerts will provide a historical view on the health of your server. An alert will be triggered based on set parameters, and will show directly on your Android device so you can act immediately. Configuring this on the web site requires some technical skills, as the terminology doesn’t always ring a bell.

This app is really meant for those people who manage one or more servers, and is not necessarily a good fit for the average user. You can, of course, always try the trial period to see if it fits your needs. Nevertheless, the app, and how it is connected with the web site, is superb!