Security software although still very relevant in this virus-laden age has definitely slowed down on personal computers due to better browsers and smarter users.

Still the need is there and there are plenty of companies willing to step up to the challenge and take your money. Norton Security is an app for Android phones that brings the popular name in computer security software to the device. Though I have yet to hear of a virus or malware on an Android phone, the app offers scanning and protection for your device.

Once booted, the app will present the user with various options from scans to security features. The app can run a basic scan for malware not unlike many pc virus scanners today. Perhaps its most unique feature is the ability to remote wipe your phone or just lock it with a text message. Although I wasn’t willing to wipe my Nexus One of data, I did test out the locking feature. It worked perfectly. The second the text message was received, the phone locked me out and the only way I could get in was to type in the code. If you are worried about your phone or just want a nice safety measure, look into this app. It’s free to try so check it out.

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