There’s a little revolutionary in all of us. In Node.Hack, you can role-play as a hacker extraordinaire and steal thousands of dollars by hacking into nodes on the ‘net. Be careful of the artificial intelligence agents tracking your thievery because if they find you, it’s game over.

You’ll notice something familiar about the gameplay of this fun and frantic game. It plays a lot like Pac-Man, where cyberspace takes the form of a giant maze of nodes connected by lines. You move from node to node by tapping where you want to go next. In order to hack a server and steal the money you must wait on a node for a few seconds. The timing matters because when the AI agents start to track and chase you, waiting around might mean your capture.

It’s fast and fun. Like Pac-Man, being pursued by the agents (who look like high-tech arrow heads) ratchets up the game’s intensity. You need to quickly figure out when and where to move next, and make sure not to head down a dead-end that will box you in. Fortunately, you have some weapons with which to fight back. One fires out straight and will destroy an agent close by, but a more sophisticated one will hunt down the agents by homing-in on them.

The game features nice details like the readout you get when you hack a node explaining what business you invaded and how much you got away with, the warnings about the agents stalking you, and the cash readout at the bottom of the screen showing the tally of your loot. Check it out.